Эгей, мы обновили интерфейс, скорей залетай по новой ссылке


Эгей, мы обновили личный кабинет, скорей залетай по новой ссылке

Карабедянц В.И.

I am an experienced, goal-oriented manager, capable to work both in a team and independently. I am good at creating and developing teams. I easily fit top positions where I can be useful as a mediator between business owners and management in order to interpret from IT ‘language’ to business ‘language’ and vice versa.

I have broad experience in:
- working at large dispersed holding venture companies in English-speaking environment;
- successful implementation of long-term (over 1 year) and expensive (more than $1 million) projects;
- management of large dispersed group of people (over 50 people) in the USA (United Coal Company) and Ukraine (Zaporozhye, Lugansk and Donetsk region);
- creating infrastructure with more than 200 servers distributed across several continents (five data centers), with a team of over 50 people to support users on the first and second lines 24/7;
- Implementation of ERP systems, building of the IT department from scratch, the regulation of IT department.

My strengths: leadership and organizational skills, willingness to be responsible for the final result, ability to get things done, commitment, desire to learn and develop as a professional.

Belbin Team Roles: Co-coordinator, Sharper, Completer.

PAEI Management Roles (Adizes): Manufacturer, Entrepreneur, Integrator, Administrator.